About Us

The Name

‘GuGwa’ is a combination of words meaning ‘Nine Fruits'. For us, this means a coming together of ideas and virtues to create a whole. Gugwa brings together everything we love: people, art, culture and events.

Our Mission

Gugwa was founded by photographer and artist Soohyun Kim. He collaborated with artists Sung Jang and Taek Kim to create a contemporary space with a Korean aesthetic.


Gugwa offers a range of photography services ranging from affordable self-portraits and photo booths to luxury portrait sessions with the option to rent traditional Korean costumes.


The venue is minimalistic with the intent to transform into an educational workshop or your next event space. We will feature a rotating gallery of artwork on the walls that intends to bridge cultures and create conversation. 


When you visit our boutique storefront or shop online, you will find artisan products made by Korean and Korean-American designers, from jewelry to kitchen wear and even traditional Korean-style clothing.


If you are interested in using our space for your next event or educational workshop, please reach out to us at gugwa@studiosoo.com.

Our Other Brands

If you are based in Chicago, check out Studio Soo, our luxury wedding and commercial photography and videography studio, and Chicago Baby our family portrait studio.