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The Name

'Gugwa', which is derived from the letters 구과 (九果), is motivated by the idea of the Nine Fruits as it is referenced in Galatians 5:22–23 of the Bible. Our name symbolizes how various concepts and virtues come together to form a complete . The things we are enthusiastic about—people, art, culture, and events—are all together at Gugwa.

Our Mission

Founded by distinguished photographer Soohyun Kim and marked by Sung Jang's artistic installations and handcrafted furniture, gugwa's unique spaces in both Glenview and Chicago are a testament to Korean sophistication. Taek Kim, our gifted graphics collaborator, complements the experience with his distinct design touch.

Offering immersive photography experiences, both our Glenview and Chicago photo studio are tailored for Korean style portrait sessions, including indoor wedding and family portraits with stylish and conceptual settings and props. The unique Korean style self-portrait service and Photo Booth are celebrated features in both locations. Additionally, our boutique in Glenview showcases meticulously curated jewelry, quality kitchenware, and authentic traditional Korean attire, crafted by renowned Korean and Korean-American designers.

About Soohyun Kim

Soohyun Kim is an award-winning photographer whose portraits have been recognized internationally by some of the world's top museum curators, including the MOMA and Philadelphia Art Museum. Sessions with Soo are relaxed, fun, and creative, while providing clients with gorgeous portraits that they're proud to show off. 

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Gugwa is more than just a photography studio; it's an artistic experience resonating with Korean aesthetics, culture, and art. With locations in Glenview and Chicago, gugwa showcases the creativity and craftsmanship behind every photograph.

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