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Upgrade Your Self-Portrait Game with Gugwa and Studio Soo

"Stylish woman in a beige sweater and white pants, sitting casually on a white block with black boots and a black hat, representing gugwa's fresh take on personal portraiture."
"Experience the fusion of style and personality in your portraits with Gugwa and Studio Soo. Elevate your self-portrait game and make a statement with images that stand out."

Are you tired of taking mediocre selfies? Upgrade your self-portrait game with Gugwa (@gugwa_portrait) and Studio Soo (@studiosoo)'s Self-Portrait Sessions! Experience the latest trend in self-portraiture, created and popularized in Korea.

Why Choose Our Self-Portrait Sessions?

  • Professional camera and lighting equipment to capture your best self

  • Private space for you to express yourself and have fun

  • Elegant and stylish setup, not cheesy like other self-portrait studios

  • Affordable and flexible packages to choose from

  • Fun props and Korean-style dresses available for rent

Self-Portrait Session Packages:

  • All Digital Files: $50

  • Edited Digital Files: $20 each

  • Package A - $80:

  • All digital files

  • Two edited digital files

  • Package B - $100:

    • All digital files

    • Four edited digital files

Book Your Self-Portrait Session Today:

  • Location:

    • gugwa: 630 Milwaukee Ave, Ste 240, Glenview, IL 60025

    • Studio Soo: 4043 N Ravenswood Ave, Ste 115, Chicago, IL 60613

  • Contact us today to schedule your Self-Portrait Session!

Take your self-portrait game to the next level! Be your own photographer and express yourself. Book your Self-Portrait Session today with Gugwa (@gugwa_portrait) or Studio Soo (@studiosoo).

Self-portraits of a couple in a private studio, with props and professional lighting
Self portrait at Studio Soo


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